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Kansas Industrial Hemp
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Industrial Hemp Planting Best Practices
Guide for Grain Production in Kansas

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Kansas Hemp Consortium Values

The Kansas Hemp Consortium values data and research in the United States' march to hemp prominence in production, processing and related industries. Reach out to KHC for consultation on all aspects of industrial hemp and whole-plant uses in fiber and grain manufacturing. 


Among the KHC strategic partners are licensed hemp producers, processors, dryers, chemists, soil and water scientists, farmers, ranchers and business development experts. Working thoughtfully together, collectively producing in-depth studies of industry trends critical in evaluating investments. 

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KS Hemp


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High-level expertise
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Research based, data-driven
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Data points well beyond THC and CBD content are critical to growth of the industry in this highly regulated sector. Known levels of fungus, pesticides, hydro-cyanide, and other contaminants will be required. KHC has licensed this testing technology today. We share a vision of excellence for Kansas hemp and see many opportunities for additional information to guide best practices in the industry.  



Reach out to Kansas Hemp Consortium to discuss hemp related business. KHC is dedicated to smart farming with seed-up testing systems. Providing solutions for farmers, agriculture companies, institutional investors and industry analysts, KHC provides fact-based feedback. 

Strategic Partners

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Licensed producer, research grower 

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Soil sampling, yield mapping,
variable rate seeding and fertilizer prescriptions

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