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Agricultural Hemp Research & Field Trials

Data and analysis from KS Hemp Consortium and other associations light the path for fiber and grain hemp production.

Reintroducing industrial hemp crops on acreage across America is an uphill battle. Beyond the education required, farmers are up against burdensome regulations that stifle growth. Licensing fees are expensive and arduous. The stakes are high on family farms and experimental acres are low on anyone’s list of priorities.

So why would a farmer risk profits and more likely success for a new crop with this many hurdles? What would make a professional producer take the leap, push past the uncertainty and grow hemp? The Kansas hemp community is what makes it possible. Producers and support organizations work well together in the sunflower state and the industry is moving forward because of it.

The Kansas Hemp Consortium values data and research in the United States' march to hemp prominence in production, processing and related industries. KS Hemp Consortium works to research and publish analysis on industrial hemp crops grown for fiber and grain. Understanding shared missions and goals, KS Hemp Consortium provides free webinars, field days and informational downloads online.

Among KHC’s strategic partners are licensed hemp producers, processors, dryers, chemists, soil and water scientists, farmers, ranchers and business development experts. Working thoughtfully together, collectively producing in-depth studies of industry trends critical in evaluating investments. Reach out to KHC for consultation on all aspects of industrial hemp and whole-plant uses in fiber and grain manufacturing.

Kansans for Hemp monitors hemp related legislation in Kansas. The grass-root, non-profit advocates for reduced regulations and lower fees for farmers. An active board of hemp producers, processors, seed suppliers, retailers and manufacturers represents the voice of the Kansas hemp industry. Organizing efforts this year led to the introduction of progressive legislation in the Kansas House and a hearing in the Agricultural Committee. Stakeholder discussions continue under the leadership of Kansans for Hemp and restrictions are slowly easing in the state.

Nationwide non-profits are also making progress with initiatives like the Hemp Exemption in the 2023 Farm Bill. The Hemp Feed Coalition is led by IND Hemp’s Morgan Tweet and supported by a strong, smart team of dedicated farmers and ranchers. Having spent years submitting the application for AAFCO approval for hemp seed meal as an approved ingredient for laying hens, the Hemp Feed Coalition has truly laid the path for mass markets in hemp grain feed.

U.S. Hemp Building Association recently exhibited at the Innovate Housing Showcase on the National Mall. Hempcrete is approved as an insulator in the US Residential Building Code and an exciting market for hemp hurd is developing in the construction industry. This spring, Midwest Hemp Technology partnered with Kansas State University’s School of Architecture for the 2nd consecutive year to provide hempcrete grade hurd to master’s level students taking a senior seminar class on hemp in construction. This year’s students built the Hemp Casita that will be on display at the Kansas State Fair!

Many other people and existing associations are responsible for progress made to date. Your voice and involvement can help push the hemp revolution forward and you don’t have to blaze the trail alone. Get involved with these organizations. Support them with a thumbs up on Facebook, a small donation, attendance at an event and sharing recommended talking points with your elected representatives.

There is infrastructure and a framework for the path forward. This is new. It hasn’t always been this way and the time is now for large scale adoption of hemp in everyday materials. Get involved! Whether with your purchases, production, processing or manufacturing of new and innovative products, this is the moment for hemp! Now is the time to acknowledge hemp’s beneficial properties and put them to work for the good of our planet and fellow lifeforms living here.

Avoid missteps in the hemp industry when you connect with reputable organizations and leaders. Research winning strategies and learn from available data on genetics, planting techniques, harvest recommendations and processing advice. Minimizing risk and maximizing success is always the goal in farming and in business. Winning strategies must be researched, understood and implemented. Connection to companies and organizations in alignment with your goals ends up amplifying everyone’s efforts.

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